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Casting Announcement

We are so excited to announce that we have a cast! Allow us to introduce you to the three girls performing in Coming Home With Me.

The lovely Beth Hodd, fresh out of Bath Spa's acting course, with a female focused attitude we love. Beth will be playing the sarcastic Girl A.

Ellen Patterson, with a variety of productions under her belt, Coming Home With Me is a passion project for Ellen, having created her own verbatim production tackling the Irish thong-in-court scandal. We are so excited to have her on board. Ellen will be playing the fiery Girl B.

And last but not least Eleanor Pead. Eleanor will be playing the complicated Girl C - Eleanor's wealth of experience in theatre-making and verbatim work from East 15 makes her a brilliant addition to the cast and we can't wait to get started on the process!

Stay tuned for more posts and we can't wait to show you the process as we go along.


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The idea for Coming Home With Me came from a drunken night out at Edinburgh Fringe where a creepy dude was persistently trying to touch me and not taking well to rejection. This got me thinking, why does nearly every girl just put up with harassment on nights out? As one of the girls I interviewed for the production aptly pointed out "you wouldn't grab someone in Tesco, so why is it acceptable in the club?". She has a point. The production follows three girls: Girl A, Girl B and Girl C on a night out in Brighton. Each of them deals with men's inappropriate advances in different ways (and yes I know it's '#NotAllMen', but, quite frankly, it's enough that i've had to write a play about it). We follow the girls from getting ready, busting moves, sinking drinks through to going home with them. The interviews, sadly, confirmed what I thought I knew was true, that EVERY female has had to deal with this in some form or another on nights out. I was

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